RecyCOOL Dialogue

  • Programme: Erasmus+ / Key Action: Support for policy reform / Action Type: Youth Dialogue Projects
  • Project Reference: 2020-3-SK02-KA347-002701

By involving, connecting, and empowering young people – as it is stated in the EU Strategy for youth for 2019-2027 – youth policy and mobilization can support the effective achievement of the vision of our continent. Based on this, young people have the opportunity to use a number of possibilities of self-realization and to be connected with the joint European values.

In this context, the predefined European goals in the field of youth, mean a very clear picture of the future of Europe, that should allow young people to use their own potential. The lives of young people are influenced by current and future challenges that need to be faced and solved together with young people and ideally by young people themselves.

The aim of the project is to guide young people on their way while they take responsibility for their lives in their own hands, concretely via:

1. empowering

2. connecting and interconnecting

3. involving into the performance and evaluation of policies, which are influencing them

The cross-sectoral areas which are reflected in the project are primarily the following: sustainable and green Europe, information and constructive dialogue, gender equality. These areas will be addressed via the sustainable fashion topic, as the fast fashion industry means a direct threat for a sustainable, green and healthy planet with the possibility of very unwanted social impacts.

As the project aims to allow young people to be architects of their own lives, it will support their personal development, strengthen their resistance and will offer them life competences, so that they can face meetings with people with decision making power and to adapt to the ever changing world. This aim will be fulfilled by a series of three educational events, that will support the young participants to become active citizens, the agents of solidarity and positive change. Thanks to these learning outcomes, the project will lead to meetings of young people and decision makers, face to face, concretely in order to make their policy decisions concerning the healthy life of young people and its sustainability on Earth higher quality ones.

This way all the opinions of young people will be taken into account when relevant global issues from their point of view are being solved (ultra fast fashion industry leading to environmental and social catastrophes) and possibilities of how to introduce concerning policies on local, regional, and national level will be made concrete. Such a way of policy making in different areas and affecting diverse levels of execution – based on evidence, arising from real needs and situations of young people and fully involving young people – will be a true recognition of young people as experts for their own lives and for their own sustainable future.

The project will care about eradicating poverty of young people and all forms of discrimination, and will also support their social inclusion (especially of those living in less developed regions), as part of the solution of the complex topic of sustainable fashion.

  • Project duration: 1 March 2021 – 31 July 2022 (17 months)
  • Project language: Slovak / English
  • Project coordinator: Fashion Revolution Slovakia
  • Project partners: 

Piatky za budúcnosť (Slovakia)

Krok vpred (Slovakia)

Nitka (Slovakia)

Part 1 – preparation of content for seminars, organisation of seminars.

Part 2- three seminars (A1-A3) in Komarno, Poprad and Bratislava.

Part 3 – dialogue with policy and decision makers during one day event (A4) in Bratislava.

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.